Looking at the other side

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Some ideas:

  • Let somebody go first.
  • Take a deep breath before responding.
  • Look at the wild flowers growing on the side of the road.
  • Smile to a stranger on the street.
  • Send kind thoughts to someone who hurt you.
  • Sit in silence and do nothing.
  • Clean someone else's mess.


This year has been full of changes and personal struggles. I try to help myself in different ways: cook high quality food, sleep well, write (publicly and privately), read good books, workout, spend time with friends. And yet, shitty days cannot be avoided.


The app is still uninstalled on my phone, but the habit is very strong still.


A netizen shared a finding that genuinely surprised me. Supposedly, all Apple Mac computers from 2014 onwards hide the Satoshi's Bitcoin whitepaper.


I was talking with my friend whilst driving to another friend's place. I don't remember how we end up talking about Science Fiction, but I mentioned that my favourite Sci-Fi theme is time travelling.


It has been a long time since the last time I was in charge of cooking dinner for a group of friends (six).

Some planning was needed, but everything went alright, and we enjoyed a great time together.


Visiting friends, just in time to contemplate the flourishing Magnolia.

Flowers and friends causing warm happy feelings. Yet, they will be gone in a few days—that's the fleeting nature of life.

Treasure those moments in your heart-mind, recall them to keep you warm during the Winters ahead.

Concurrently, due to life's serendipity, Maria Popova writes a beautiful piece about Magnolias.

#Nature #Life

In a bar, somewhere in Spain, early 2023.


I found this beautiful poem in one of those human-curated feeds on the Interweb.

Although it is wondrous in toto, the one line that resonates the most with me is:

So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute.

When did we forget doing things for the sake of it?

#Daily #Poetry

To avoid using YouTube to fill the scattered waiting times with “something”, I have removed the app from my phone.

I know it is going to be surprisingly hard to stick to it. I need to work on a sustainable system to consume content in a more paced way.