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I've been experimenting with intermittent fasting for about a year, which has brought great physical and psychological benefits to my life.


Although my ideological differences with Seth Godin keep growing over time, I have to admit this meaty post is quite insightful.

A post's fragment:

TLDR is internet-speak for “Too long, didn’t read.” It’s one of the consequences of too much to choose from, combined with a lazy quest for convenience. It’s a checklist mindset. And all we get after we finish a checklist is a bunch of checked boxes, not real understanding.


That's a mystery.


One of the building blocks of propaganda is repetition.

You can take a simple idea and just repeat it again and again using different media, from multiple information sources. Over time, the target audience stop questioning the validity of such idea and accept it as an axiom.

In a world of infinite feeds and ever shrinking content, you don't need a nuanced argument to convince a population, just keep repeating the same simplistic idea, again and again. Success is almost guaranteed in the end.

If you think you are smart enough to pinpoint the propaganda you have been fed since childhood, think twice.


I went for a long walk to the city centre just now. Today, is the day before King's day in the Netherlands.


There are days when not opening the beer in the fridge is somewhat challenging.

Self-restraint, I want to believe, helps to strengthen our will power.

Perhaps it would be easier to refrain from putting the bottle on the fridge in the first place. Or even better, not getting it from the store!

I'm sure it is easier not buying a beer in the store than not taking it from the fridge after dinner is served. That's a path of less resistance.

If we extrapolate this reasoning, maybe it would be easier to simply say: “I don't drink beer”. So, I don't even need to avoid the aisle with the drinks at the grocery store, there is nothing there to avoid! I simply don't drink that.

If we generalize this idea, perhaps there are other aspects of life where the same strategy might work.


On Monday morning, I experienced a panic reaction. It lasted for hours and it was paralysing.

It is interesting how certain experiences are paralysing. It is a strange feeling. Can't move, can't breathe.

I must do something to prevent panic reactions in the future. But, what?


This blog is unlisted from Read.Write.as as of today.

Since I'm avoiding feeds of all kinds now, I thought it makes sense to remove this blog from one.

I'm sure most people visiting this blog are casual readers scrolling at RWa feed. So, no more casual readers for my words.

If you're reading this, that's on purpose.


It started when I decided to uninstall the YouTube app from my phone.

I found that keeping my mind busy with a continuous inflow of information was a way to avoid things I must face. I can't keep pushing them away.

I still need to decide if keeping this daily posts is something I should pause or not.


Today, I was walking in a nice neighborhood in Roermond when I came across this blooming cherry tree.

I recalled a friend who said looking at pink makes you feel better. So, I stayed there for a few minutes.