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A blog full of contrarian views

I must maximize the silent time and remove as many activities as possible for a while.

Writing is a non-negotiable for me, but public writing is not.

I hope to one day resume writing here.

Thanks for reading.


To avoid using YouTube to fill the scattered waiting times with “something”, I have removed the app from my phone.

I know it is going to be surprisingly hard to stick to it. I need to work on a sustainable system to consume content in a more paced way.


I shall reduce video and audio consumption to slow down.

The books I want to finish keep piling up.

First step: changing YouTube usage.


“No one will ever know the violence it took to become this gentle” Anonymous


I ended in Düsseldorf today

#Travel #Photo

La llorona es una de esas canciones que se clavan en el corazón. Si creciste en México, has escuchado esta canción chingos de veces en varias versiones.


The morning will be spent doing house chores and washing my car (if it stops raining).

Then, late lunch-early dinner with some friends visiting from Mexico; this weekend on a friend's place, next weekend in mine.


The topics on this blog are all over the place, and that's on purpose.

Everything I write here is personal. Often, I share random and seemingly irrelevant events of my day. Occasionally, I write about more generic and apparently impersonal topics. In the end, all the posts are close to my heart as it is either what's happening in my life or about my current interests.

The about page says nothing about me. I've tried to put something there in the past, but it quickly gets outdated—as my self-perception changes swiftly—so I abandoned the idea of keeping up with it.

Some days I wonder if I should stop writing publicly and just keep a private journal; the variability of the topics is so high that I genuinely doubt this blog is providing actual value to someone else besides me.

Perhaps I should stick to a single topic and try to build an audience. But, honestly, I don't feel enthusiastic about that idea, and I'm not sure if that's due to a lack of discipline or an excess of curiosity.


With some conscious and sustained effort on my side, my sleeping pattern should go back to normal from now on.

Good sleep, paired with more physical activity and stricter meditation routine, would help to sharpen my mind. A sharp mind is necessary to execute some strategic professional moves this year.

I'm back to blogging every day, so, I'm going to stop using the #daily tag since it is now redundant.

The End.

Today was one of those shitty days.

A casual conversation at work triggered a myriad of negative thoughts and feelings that lasted for the rest of the day.

I have been dealing with these patterns long enough to know it has nothing to do with the topic of such conversation, instead, it is a bunch of core inner conflicts that remains unresolved.

But, before attempting to deal with those, I have to fix my sleeping patterns.