Looking at the other side


The app is still uninstalled on my phone, but the habit is very strong still.


To avoid using YouTube to fill the scattered waiting times with “something”, I have removed the app from my phone.

I know it is going to be surprisingly hard to stick to it. I need to work on a sustainable system to consume content in a more paced way.


When you want to sell something, you can buy attention from the Big Tech platforms.

Attention is the currency of the Internet, and it is not even that expensive.

I know that because my brother and his wife run a side business. They buy ads from some of those companies (ehem ... Facebook ... ehem), and sells occur almost automagically. It amazes me how effective, efficient and targeted it is.

Sadly, many “users” of those platforms believe they are the users. No, the ad buyers are the actual users, the rest are the product. More specifically, their attention is being sold there, for peanuts.

So, since I don't have anything to sell, I'm not interested in buying eyeballs. But if I would need to draw attention to something I have to offer (something even as abstract as ideas), I'm not fully convinced buying attention this way is the best strategy in the long run.

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All of them. No buzz, no ring, no ding-dong. Nothing. Mobile phone and computer alike.

I don't follow a computer's commands, it follows mine. My smartphone is not a digital rosary.

But, from time to time, I still fail and slowly become a digital slave, an infomaniac.

Thus, a breakaway from all of it is needed. Everything gets shut down and go somewhere else to wander for a while, freely.

Purposefully wandering, or how the Dutch call it, Niksen, it is time well invested.

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Amazon.nl Android App

The image is the Amazon App. It kept showing that error each time I wanted to complete my order earlier today.


Well, not my phone, but the banking app running on it.

(Please note the quotation marks on the word “smarter”.)