Why didn't you stop working for good?

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Amazon.nl Android App

The image is the Amazon App. It kept showing that error each time I wanted to complete my order earlier today.

For a couple of hours, this nasty error was there. It is the first time something like that happens to me while using Amazon—that I can't throw my money at it.

This incident reminded me of Kira's post, I too wish broken things don't work at all.

I'm not that old, but I already start to say things like: “things were built better when I was younger”.

Software quality is a monotonic decreasing function. The cracks on the wall are visible, and it is a matter of time, the wall will eventually collapse.

Even top tech companies capturing the smartest engineers do shitty software these days (and I know that because ex-colleagues work in those places).

Besides, companies such Amazon are so well positioned (great marketing plus tons of money) that they attract young talent, such all the joy out of them and then ditch them quickly. The business model is can't sustainable.

But, anyway. I don't think companies such Amazon will go away anytime soon. Maybe I should finally refuse to give them my money.