Looking at the other side


All of them. No buzz, no ring, no ding-dong. Nothing. Mobile phone and computer alike.

I don't follow a computer's commands, it follows mine. My smartphone is not a digital rosary.

But, from time to time, I still fail and slowly become a digital slave, an infomaniac.

Thus, a breakaway from all of it is needed. Everything gets shut down and go somewhere else to wander for a while, freely.

Purposefully wandering, or how the Dutch call it, Niksen, it is time well invested.

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At first, I thought it was a joke, but apparently they are serious, here:

“People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study” —Fortune

I've archived this article so that future generations can have a taste of the calibre of Science™ from our days.

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Once you do things at home, it is really hard to go back to the garbage from the supermarket.


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Interesting comments from Dr. John Campbell regarding the recently published G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration.

Great British humour!

What a nonsense of these globalist elites. “Exciting” times ahead, no doubt about that.

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China—along with countries such as North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba ... oh, and Russia— is a country used by the West as an example of a totalitarian regime, and rightly so.


I usually don't share this kind of information here. However, this time is justified.

This is only apt for conspiracy theorist, science deniers and such.

If you Trust the Science ®, please keep walking, this information is dangerous for you.

For those who are part of the fringe minority: get ready guys, it might get really nasty.


This is the top comment on Dr. Jamnadas's interview I shared yesterday. I found it interesting and funny.

purewonka writes:

I've been eating one meal a day for a bit more than 15 years. It wasn't a plan. I've never been a breakfast eater, and I got really busy with work and started skipping lunches and enjoying a meal in the evening. I liked eating this way and decided to stick with it. Everyone in my life tells me that I am going to get nutritional deficiencies and that I am damaging my body. I'm trim. I'm fit. I'm never sick. They are all mostly overweight and taking prescribed meds for various ailments. To appease everyone, I had a physical checkup and had blood work done. My blood work was perfect, but the doctor referred me to a nutritionist when I told him about my one meal a day eating. I met the nutritionist. She was horrified by my eating style. My main sources of calories are potatoes and beans. I eat all varieties of potatoes and all the varieties of beans. I make a huge pot of beans from dry beans every week. Freeze half of it and eat the other half during the week with steamed potatoes (I cut them up before steaming). My main condiment is salsa. I also usually toss a small handful of walnuts on top before I sit down to eat. Sometimes I add other veggies like broccoli, mushrooms or bok choy to the pot of steaming potatoes, but for most meals it's just potatoes and beans with salsa and walnuts. My desert is usually just a piece of fruit if I have it, which can be an orange, an apple or a bowl of berries. I drink water, nothing else. No booze. No juices. No coffee. No soda. The nutritionist gave me a bunch of literature about meal planning. She wanted me to eat three meals a day and include dairy products in my diet. She was nice and seemed genuinely concerned about me, but she was also fat. I didn't adopt any of her advice. It's two years later. I'm still healthy, fit, and trim and enjoying potatoes and beans. Everyone in my life is still telling me that I am going to get sick. After 15+ years, maybe tomorrow is the day.

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  • 6:30h: I'm such a rookie. This morning I feel great, peaceful mind, right energy levels. But this unbearable thirstiness is awful. Upon waking up, not only my mouth, but also my eyeballs felt dry. Then, I recalled that I was supposed to drink water with a pinch of salt to keep me hydrated (ಥ﹏ಥ).

  • 13:15h: All is good. Drinking saline water made a huge difference. Two cups of black coffee, no anxiety at all.

  • 14:45h: Inexplicably, I feel so happy.

  • 16:50h: As I'm reaching the end, I feel a tad bit uneasy. Counterintuitively, with more energy and clarity than yesterday around this time.

  • 17:30h: I have finished the task I had planned for today. My brain could keep up just fine.

It is done. I'm still alive.

I started with some berries from the garden, then two bowls of beef broth with vegetables, and finally some pieces of pure chocolate.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit drowsy now. A heck lot of energy is needed for digestion!

It is interesting how the eating experience change after a prolonged fasting period. You're able to taste more subtle flavours. The processed food with strongly artificial flavours causes repulsion.

At some point today, I recalled something Dr. Jamnadas mentioned during an interview: fasting is an empowering experience for many people. It was for me. I believed fasting this long was completely unattainable for me just one year ago. This is empowering. Now I'm even thinking I will eventually speak Dutch fluently one day. Who knows, everything seems less impossible now.

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  • 6:00h: Good sleep. Surprisingly, no feeling hungry, at all. A funny head lightness, though.

  • 7:40h: Morning cold shower was great, more energizing than usual. Sitting meditation was also good, mind clearer than usual.

  • 8:20h: Tasty coffee. Avoiding the teaspoon of coconut oil on it during the fasting period.

  • 10:35h: The second cup of coffee didn't sit well. It caused me a bit of ... anxiety?. This has happened before, but around the fifth cup on a single day, a threshold I don't hit anymore. No more caffeine for me.

  • 11:00h: Tickling sensation. Similar to hyperventilation experienced with Wim Hof's breathing exercise.

  • 14:00h: Half-way through it. No huge energy drops. The whole experience has been better than expected. I don't crave food, which I thought would be the case on the second day.

  • 14:35h: I have never been that thirsty in my entire life!

  • 15:10h: Headaches started.

  • 15:50: Concentration declining.

  • 16:40h: The last hour has been a real struggle. One hour to go.

Well, 48 hrs. fasting completed. This is the longest period I've been without food in my life.

The last part of the day wasn't easy. I should have taken a break during lunch, but I kept working instead. After closing my computer, I spent some time working on the garden, nothing exhausting. My mood quickly improved.

Still, no craving food, odd. I thought it will be more challenging at home because the fridge is so close, but it was not the case.

The body is different. It is clear something is going on, maybe at the biochemical level.

I have to wrap up some things at work tomorrow, hoping my brain has enough throughput for it.

My long term goal is to eventually eat once a day and do 3-day fasting four times a year, with each season change. Perhaps, I'm closer than I thought.

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  • 6:00h: Fuck! I slept only three hours. I almost never had issues falling asleep, but for some reason, it happened last night. That's sub-optimal.

  • 11:00h: A colleague at the office returned for her maternity leave. She brought some nice (looking) cakes.

  • 13:00h: I went out for a walk during lunch. It is not that bad so far. It seems that not having the expectation of food helps.

  • 14:00h: Work meeting and stomach growling.

  • 16:00h: Unexpected energy boost!

  • 18:00h: Cycling back home wasn't bad, energy levels remain decent.

  • 20:00h: 30 minutes walk instead of dinner. Energy levels declining. Sleepiness kicking in.

Not having many hours of sleep might be advantageous at the end. I plan to go to bed soon. The first 24 hours weren't that bad, I expected more struggle.

Tomorrow will be more challenging, that's for sure. I took up a new task at work and I need to figure out many things. I need to be able to focus.

I'm not sure if working for home will make things easier. At least I won't need to cycle to/from work in case my energy suddenly drops.

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