[2/3] Fasting notes

Well, 48 hrs. fasting completed. This is the longest period I've been without food in my life.

The last part of the day wasn't easy. I should have taken a break during lunch, but I kept working instead. After closing my computer, I spent some time working on the garden, nothing exhausting. My mood quickly improved.

Still, no craving food, odd. I thought it will be more challenging at home because the fridge is so close, but it was not the case.

The body is different. It is clear something is going on, maybe at the biochemical level.

I have to wrap up some things at work tomorrow, hoping my brain has enough throughput for it.

My long term goal is to eventually eat once a day and do 3-day fasting four times a year, with each season change. Perhaps, I'm closer than I thought.

#Health #Fasting