[3/3] Fasting notes

It is done. I'm still alive.

I started with some berries from the garden, then two bowls of beef broth with vegetables, and finally some pieces of pure chocolate.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit drowsy now. A heck lot of energy is needed for digestion!

It is interesting how the eating experience change after a prolonged fasting period. You're able to taste more subtle flavours. The processed food with strongly artificial flavours causes repulsion.

At some point today, I recalled something Dr. Jamnadas mentioned during an interview: fasting is an empowering experience for many people. It was for me. I believed fasting this long was completely unattainable for me just one year ago. This is empowering. Now I'm even thinking I will eventually speak Dutch fluently one day. Who knows, everything seems less impossible now.

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