A comment from a stranger about fasting

This is the top comment on Dr. Jamnadas's interview I shared yesterday. I found it interesting and funny.

purewonka writes:

I've been eating one meal a day for a bit more than 15 years. It wasn't a plan. I've never been a breakfast eater, and I got really busy with work and started skipping lunches and enjoying a meal in the evening. I liked eating this way and decided to stick with it. Everyone in my life tells me that I am going to get nutritional deficiencies and that I am damaging my body. I'm trim. I'm fit. I'm never sick. They are all mostly overweight and taking prescribed meds for various ailments. To appease everyone, I had a physical checkup and had blood work done. My blood work was perfect, but the doctor referred me to a nutritionist when I told him about my one meal a day eating. I met the nutritionist. She was horrified by my eating style. My main sources of calories are potatoes and beans. I eat all varieties of potatoes and all the varieties of beans. I make a huge pot of beans from dry beans every week. Freeze half of it and eat the other half during the week with steamed potatoes (I cut them up before steaming). My main condiment is salsa. I also usually toss a small handful of walnuts on top before I sit down to eat. Sometimes I add other veggies like broccoli, mushrooms or bok choy to the pot of steaming potatoes, but for most meals it's just potatoes and beans with salsa and walnuts. My desert is usually just a piece of fruit if I have it, which can be an orange, an apple or a bowl of berries. I drink water, nothing else. No booze. No juices. No coffee. No soda. The nutritionist gave me a bunch of literature about meal planning. She wanted me to eat three meals a day and include dairy products in my diet. She was nice and seemed genuinely concerned about me, but she was also fat. I didn't adopt any of her advice. It's two years later. I'm still healthy, fit, and trim and enjoying potatoes and beans. Everyone in my life is still telling me that I am going to get sick. After 15+ years, maybe tomorrow is the day.

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