Lack of discipline or excess of curiosity

The topics on this blog are all over the place, and that's on purpose.

Everything I write here is personal. Often, I share random and seemingly irrelevant events of my day. Occasionally, I write about more generic and apparently impersonal topics. In the end, all the posts are close to my heart as it is either what's happening in my life or about my current interests.

The about page says nothing about me. I've tried to put something there in the past, but it quickly gets outdated—as my self-perception changes swiftly—so I abandoned the idea of keeping up with it.

Some days I wonder if I should stop writing publicly and just keep a private journal; the variability of the topics is so high that I genuinely doubt this blog is providing actual value to someone else besides me.

Perhaps I should stick to a single topic and try to build an audience. But, honestly, I don't feel enthusiastic about that idea, and I'm not sure if that's due to a lack of discipline or an excess of curiosity.