Looking at the other side


I must maximize the silent time and remove as many activities as possible for a while.

Writing is a non-negotiable for me, but public writing is not.

I hope to one day resume writing here.

Thanks for reading.


The morning will be spent doing house chores and washing my car (if it stops raining).

Then, late lunch-early dinner with some friends visiting from Mexico; this weekend on a friend's place, next weekend in mine.


Concentration makes life better.

If you walk, eat, sleep, ride your bicycle—whatever—in absolute concentration, your experience will be more colourful, more intense.

Conversely, if you go about life distracted, or let yourself be perturbed for long, life gets significantly worse.

Distractions might be a matter of life and death. Seriously, if you are distracted while driving, that might be incredibly dangerous.

That I learnt today.


At first, you don't know how to move. Be still for a moment and listen carefully.

If you experience fear, embrace it. Feel how your body is getting cold, the chilling sensation going up through your spine.

You are completely alone in the darkest night.

You might find dragons and demons in here, don't run away. Keep your thoughts pure and bright, and they will be gone soon.

Confidence builds up as you keep moving, it slowly grows from within. Be grounded. Move slowly but confidently, one step at the time. Your erratic movements become more graceful over time.

Doubts may be strong at first. Make a pause and remain still for a moment. Be kind to yourself, never let your heart sink.

If you have to walk back your steps a few times, worry do not. Those are not failures, it is part of the learning process.

Adjust your course if need be. Follow your guts to decide whether to turn left or right. When you fall down, get up, dust the dirt off your shoulders and keep going.

You are alone in here, but don't be afraid. Only those who are brave enough to walk in the dark are able to see the light.


Continuous noise—like the background noise in big cities—is unnatural.

In our fascinating adaptability, we got used to it, but we shouldn't.

We need daily moments of absolute silence to function properly. But these days, silence scare us. We obsessively fill any moment of boredom with something. And there is always some thing (to watch, to read, to look up, to say, to think).

Remaining silent is neither slacking nor idling. A quiet and silent mind remains unshaken by phenomena—pleasant or unpleasant—and is the source of unimaginable power.


There are times in life when a wave of overwhelmness hits me. During those periods, I find it challenging to focus on everyday tasks. When it is clear I am in a downward spiral, I have to do something about it.

I'm in such a period at the moment.


Sadness, when embraced fully, is beautiful too.


#Life #Time

This was not written today. As I type these words, I know they will be published, but not when.


Change is a beautiful bitch.

Can't be neither stopped nor manipulated at will. “Free will”, some days I doubt that's real.


#Life #Work

Specifically, to the picturesque city where the Carolus beer is brew.

Technical meetings all day.

A room full of engineers. Eleven engineers, to be precise, ten gentlemen and one lady (to be preciser).

Today's company is the result of a merge of two companies, four years ago. It is like a marriage. It is noticeable the clash of two different world views even today.

Team building happened during dinner with some beers; the most effective way of doing it.

And for the blue part, that was just me.