Walking in the dark

At first, you don't know how to move. Be still for a moment and listen carefully.

If you experience fear, embrace it. Feel how your body is getting cold, the chilling sensation going up through your spine.

You are completely alone in the darkest night.

You might find dragons and demons in here, don't run away. Keep your thoughts pure and bright, and they will be gone soon.

Confidence builds up as you keep moving, it slowly grows from within. Be grounded. Move slowly but confidently, one step at the time. Your erratic movements become more graceful over time.

Doubts may be strong at first. Make a pause and remain still for a moment. Be kind to yourself, never let your heart sink.

If you have to walk back your steps a few times, worry do not. Those are not failures, it is part of the learning process.

Adjust your course if need be. Follow your guts to decide whether to turn left or right. When you fall down, get up, dust the dirt off your shoulders and keep going.

You are alone in here, but don't be afraid. Only those who are brave enough to walk in the dark are able to see the light.