Looking at the other side


Specifically, E7: Rose and thorn, 31:20, English translation.

Sadly, you never met Safiye.

She'd turn anything, anything into a game.

She would play against a five-year-old kid, take them to the cleaners, play against a much older man and take all their cash too.

She just loved playing games.

Know what her motto was?

“The winner of the game is the one who made the second-to-last mistake.”

And if you got what you really wanted, you should think twice.

Did they lose the game? Or just a piece?

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The trip to Amsterdam happened in a gray and cold day, freezing cold for the most of it.

Things that had to be done were done. People who had to be visited were visited.


This video hits home in many levels.

So calming to watch. A lot of wisdom in her words.

Her daughter comment on the video, which make it even more beautiful.

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There are a bunch of half-baked draft posts that I don't feel like finishing any more. I won't delete them, though, there is always a possibility for the future.

Since I'm kinda posting every day. I was wondering what to write about in a blue day as today.


Dense fog in a cold morning.

Vast and desolated fields with fertile soil, waiting impatiently for the spring to arrive.


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Once and again, when something feels off, daily routines are here to save me.

You might say I am a man of routines, and you'd be right.


I am seriously considering to start practising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in the Spring next year. I found a good school relatively close by.

Daily schedule need to be re-adjusted. It won't be cheap, and life will get substantially more expensive for me next year—beyond inflation, but that also contributes.

Though, I first need to figure out what to do with my sore knees —a long-standing issue. I can get used to a mild pain, the problem is that when I part take in intense physical activities, even walking is painful.

Still, I think I'm going to—at least—try it.

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Life has been unusually intense this week.

I had an important meeting at work yesterday. I even have a draft post about “the situation” which got resolved in that meeting, but I decided not to publish it, and now it is gone (more about that later).


There are situations which require action, others require patience—waiting patiently as you observe things unfold.

Knowing when to act and when to wait is one of the most difficult life skills.

Acting when a situation requires patience is a mistake. So it is to keep patiently waiting when action is needed.

If you overthink it, you are stuck forever. If you act mindlessly—or prematurely—you might end up in the wrong place.

When you look back at your life, often the biggest mistakes taught you the greatest lessons. Should we still call them mistakes?

Therefore, if you go about your life learning the lesson from every mistake you make, shall we avoid calling those mistakes, and say life lessons instead?

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Let me revise some claims made in yesterday's post.

There, I wrote: “Take love, for instance. In that domain, and not surprisingly, English is way more limited than Spanish.”

That is not an absolute truth. There are scenarios where English is more accurate. The best example is: falling in love.