Looking at the other side


La llorona es una de esas canciones que se clavan en el corazón. Si creciste en México, has escuchado esta canción chingos de veces en varias versiones.


In general, we like what looks/sounds/tastes familiar. Familiarity is nice.

Conversely, we tend to reject everything that looks/sounds/tastes foreign. Novelty is uncomfortable.

Appreciating the unfamiliar demands open-mindedness and sustained effort.

It is like the following scene:


I love the Spanish language, but Chinese is beautiful too. I hope I could learn it someday, but, realistically, that's unlikely.

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This concert seems adequate for a morning like today, what a lovely voice.

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Specifically, E7: Rose and thorn, 31:20, English translation.

Sadly, you never met Safiye.

She'd turn anything, anything into a game.

She would play against a five-year-old kid, take them to the cleaners, play against a much older man and take all their cash too.

She just loved playing games.

Know what her motto was?

“The winner of the game is the one who made the second-to-last mistake.”

And if you got what you really wanted, you should think twice.

Did they lose the game? Or just a piece?

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This video hits home in many levels.

So calming to watch. A lot of wisdom in her words.

Her daughter comment on the video, which make it even more beautiful.

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It has all the elements of a great story: the eternal fight between good and evil, a boy meeting a girl, and all that placed in a dystopian techno future with a clan of dissident cyberpunks.