Old friends

I'm lucky to have valuable old friends in my life. Interestingly, most of my friends are old.

'Old' is one of those words full of subjectivity. But let's say I have close friends that are closer to the age of my parents than mine. One of them is an octogenarian artist living in Amsterdam. When I was in high-school, I used to hang out with the faculty staff more than with my classmates—excluding my two closest friends. My first girlfriend was the older sister of a classmate in secondary school.

It is weird, I know.

I always thought I was too boring for the people of my age—and, honestly, the other way around too.

This is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.

Although it was sometimes inconvenient to be surrounded with people from another generation, I think I gained interesting perspectives on life. Also, it was a relief to have people to talk with—it helped me to cope with the fact that people from my age considered me a weirdo.

It is exciting when I find someone within my age range with whom I can have meaningful and deep conversations. But I also fear it won't last long, so, I tend to feel extremely grateful and be equally cautious.

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