Weird, weirdo, weirdness

Tags: #Random #Hack

I realized just now there is a soccer world cup being played somewhere because someone asked me whether I support Mexico or The Netherlands.

People find it weird when I say: “I didn't know there was a FIFA World Cup going on.”

And I find it weird that they find that weird.

It is like recursive weirdness.

Yesterday's night, I attended a talk-debate—cyberpunk, hack, anarchist kind of talk—in Amsterdam, and, among many other things, I learnt a new term: neurodivergent.

A panellist mentioned that the hacker-spaces are full of neurodivergent people. So, I realized I feel great when I'm surrounded by weirdos quirky people. And that room right there was full of quirky, neurodivergent-ish people, you could easily tell. I don't find that weird, not at all!

Even though I'm introverted, being surrounded by those people was energizing and inspiring beyond words!

(A much-needed fuel and inspiration after participating in a company's event the day prior which was, for the most part, energy depleting and uninspiring)

Neurodivergence exists in nature for a reason. Training yourself to become a normie, to kill your soul in order to fit in, that is really dangerous, and antinatural.

Do you find all the above weird?

P.S. In case you're curious about the opening question, I support Mexico. But I won't waste my time watching any sports.