Time's shape

Time, a perpetual forward motion, a continuous becoming.

Memories, those mental constructs that somehow pull us backward.

Where does the arrow of time point when we are thinking about the past?

No matter where our mind dwells, we are making choices, consciously or not, life-changing or irrelevant. Is it possible to know a priori the relevance of each decision?

And, What happens when we choose? Does a parallel universe spawn?

Or maybe, just maybe, we live in a deterministic universe whilst fooling ourselves with the illusion of free will.

Perhaps time is not a line, but a circle.

Thus, if causality holds, a hurricane that will occur on the other side of the ocean is causing the butterfly's movement in my garden as I write this.

And your reading is causing my writing as well.

#Random #Thoughts

(Taken from an old blog, edited and re-published)