So, she said we are so dramatic, and laughed

Tags: #Random #Society

I was having lunch at the office a few months ago. On that occasion, a lady from marketing sitting in front of me on the kitchen table started talking about how much she loved Mexican telenovelas (English: soap operas).

Inadvertently, she was talking directly to me instead of the whole group, as if for the fact that I'm Mexican I should know what she was talking about...

There are plenty of assumptions made based on our (apparent) cultural background, sometimes that's useful, others not.

Sadly. Many people are informed about my cultural background through exported telenovelas and series such as Narcos (Netflix). Rubbish, basically.

We have the long-standing popular assumptions, which might or might not apply to me. For example: Mexicans are extroverted and like to party hard (no!!!), and eat very spicy food (yes!!!).

(I was mulling over all that in my mind when I realized that now she was making eye contact and I had to bring my attention back to the conversation about telenovelas)

... So, she ended her comment by saying: “I mean, your life sooo dramatic that after watching my telenovela I feel my life is dramaless by contrast”, and then she laughed in my face.