Seriously, can I become a successful writer?

I've seen many abhorrently absurd ads on YouTube, but the worst, by far, comes from one where a lady claims you can start a successful online business selling ebooks on Amazon without having to write a single line.

I can't think of a more obvious scam than claiming you can be a successful writer without writing. What is the difference between that and claiming that there is a tree where money grows, or that you can have a printer and just print money (oops!). All those are scams.

This is somewhat similar to those books titled: “Teach yourself {A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE HERE} in 21 days”—I'm not sure if they are still around, I remember them from back in the days. Those books were scammy because it was implied you could master a programming language in such a short amount of time. But hey, you can definitely learn a lot in 21 days.

What bothers me more is not the proliferation of scammers, but knowing that the reason for such proliferation is that there are enough people falling for the scams.

The only way that you can make money from what a scammer sells, is that you become a scammer as well. And the beautiful cycle of scamming continues.

I believe the reason for the survival of all those charlatans and the countless Ponzi schemes is that not a small part of the population still believe there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Anyway, I'm writing this because the same ad about becoming a successful writer without writing popped up again! (I assumed she went out of business, but apparently not)

This time I clicked on the add, and here is the pitch:

We help you unlock the 3 KEYS to starting a successful online home business: Kindle eBooks that people love to buy and read.

KEY #1: The success of online selling largely depends on the platform you’re using. Are you selling in a place where customers can easily find you?

Nothing beats the reach and reputation of e-commerce giant AMAZON! This rock solid company will be the platform of your online business through KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING!

KEY #2: One of the best (if not THE BEST) products to sell on Amazon is EBOOKS! This inventory-free, bestselling, in-demand product is available to people all over the world 24/7.

FAST FACTS: Since COVID-19 hit, eBook sales have skyrocketed by 60%, and by the end of 2020, the eBook industry generated $16.6 billion in sales!

Now, before you panic and say, “I’m not a writer!” I want you to read the next statement carefully and repeatedly.

You don’t have to be a writer to have a Kindle Publishing business.

In fact, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WRITE A SINGLE THING! It’s possible to generate income from eBooks you don’t write yourself.

KEY #3: Building a profitable, sustainable home business empire needs to have a strong foundation. Attend our free Web-Class today which will help you establish a solid and sustainable Kindle publishing home business from conception to completion.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, sorry for this useless (borderline spammy) post.

Remember, “there ain't no such a thing as a free lunch”.

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