On fairness

Lately, the concept of fairness occupies my mind.

Although I dream of a fairer world where everyone treats each other fairly, perfect fairness is a utopia.

Nothing exists in perfect balance. “Increasing entropy is unavoidable” (Second Law of Thermodynamics), everything tends to chaos.

Since life goes in cycles, chaos doesn't last forever, either. When chaos recedes, calmness and stability follows suit.

Sometimes life's entropy peaks, and things get out of control. If you contemplate the dooming end, let it be. Let things burn and embrace the death of the past; resistance is futile.

Is a painful death fair? Life cycles are neither fair nor unfair.

If life has any meaning, it is because death exists. Life without death is meaningless, and a meaningless life is worthless.

Now I believe questions around fairness are meaningless (ergo, worthless) too.

Fair or not, when the time comes, let's burn together, beautifully.