The hermanos Gutiérrez — Musical gems of 2022


Two brothers, two guitars, two distinct identities, who become one soul when they compose music. Stephan and Alejandro, are the Hermanos Gutierrez, an instrumental music band with an unmistakable genre that is rooted in Western and Latin American sound. Born from an Ecuadorian mother and a Swiss father they grew up being forged by both cultures, bridging between two worlds, both of which are home. [Source]

This group found me in the year that is about to end.

Swiftly, their guitars aimed at me and crossed my heart.

Although I'm no Ecuadorian, most Latin American countries share their colonial past and hold similar world-views in the present, we feel the world very much alike. The Hermanos Guitierrez are able to communicate such world-feelings, beautifully.

There is, of course, the Western-Swiss component in their music which is completely foreign to me. So, all that does not sound like home I assume belongs to that bucket.

Their songs are usually short, sweet and to the point:

I used to prefer the crispy sound coming from guitar picks, but these guys changed my mind. The muted sound—bare hands, no long nails—has its charm too.

Although my brother does not play the guitar—and I barely do it these days—when I see them, it is like seeing us hanging out.

Their live performances are great too; plain, raw, intimate ... Gezellig!.

In short, melancholic sounds emanating a velvety sadness which I identify myself with at different levels; I would put it that way.