Butcher store

The visit to the Butcher store happened yesterday instead of today. I had some time before dinner, so I went.

The intention was to walk there, but I was feeling lazy and took the car. This time, being lazy was wise because as soon as I get there, a pouring rain started.

I didn't meet the butcher though. He was doing his butchery craft on the back of the store while his son (?) take care of the customers—since it was near closing time, there weren't that many.

The kid speak some English, although he seems uncomfortable doing it. He's a kind and shy little gentleman; or that's my first impression.

I didn't know what meat cuts to pick up, my wife used to take care of this when we were together. I asked for some advice and went for some lamb, tartar, and beef—entrecote and sirloin. Plain, without marinate.

The price was a bit higher than in the AH, but it seems worth it. I'm planning to visit the local butcher store every week, and next time I'm going to pay with cash.