Background music randomness and productivity

Tags: #Random #Productivity

There are days when I listen to quiet and calming music at work, no lyrics; headphones on, noise-cancelling enabled, moderate volume. It helps with concentration, especially when working at the office.

Then it is today. The whole fuckin' day coding as crazy whilst listening to Metallica, and Megadeth; headphones on, noise-cancelling enabled, the volume HIGH ENOUGH to hurt my ears a tad bit.

The work of ~3.1415 days gets done in 9 hours or so.

That happens too, but no so often.

Productivity is something I don't have control over. I tried to create conditions to have productive days, but the outcome is somehow unpredictable.

Some days it feels like 2 hours of real work despite being in front of the screen for 8 hours. Then, there are days like today to make it up.

Fortunately, there is no micromanagement at my workplace. They trust I will deliver. And I do deliver.

Personal productivity can only be estimated on average.