Yet another recruiter email

I used to reply to all these recruiters emails, it felt rude not to do so. But I quickly realized it was a waste of time.

Many years ago, real people wrote the emails. Then they used (and abused) templates, then bots learned to write, but now, even bots seem unqualified for the job.

How difficult would be to parse my name and put it at the beginning of the email? From the software point of view, that's trivial. But I guess I need to feel special because they started with 'Hola' instead of 'Hi', how cute!

Amazon recruitment

Besides, the job(s) description can't be more generic, dull and useless. I want to know the gist of the job before clicking any links, you can do so in one (or two) short paragraphs. But this email does not say anything relevant.

Apparently, the bots didn't even look for the correct keywords in my profile. What did you find in my profile that indicates that I'm remotely interested (or have experience) in developing Apps? (I actually have some experience developing Apps, but it is not in my profile, and for a good reason).

Besides, when companies use their first contact email to provide a (long) list of programming languages, which are used in quite different domains. I'm out.

The first email I received from Amazon was well written and for a position that actually matched my profile and interests. I regret having used this email account to apply in that occasion. Now, no matter how many times I unsubscribe from their mail list, they keep sending these. Did I mark them as SPAM? Yes, I did! It made no difference.

And of course, “Applying on link will not take more than 30 seconds of yours”, what about not spamming my inbox?

If anyone out there is interested in working from Amazon, please, drop me an email, and I'll forward the link.