L003: Almost done

Tags: #Daily #Log

Another boring post about work.

The implementation is pretty much done, but the code is a bit dirty.

Tomorrow I need to do some refactoring and clean-up so that I can send a nice and tidy code for review :).

I lost about 3-4 hours in the morning because my team lead started to question my design during the standup meeting. We discussed it afterwards for about 40 minutes, but he was still not convinced.

So, I had to check the code from a legacy solution and then discuss the approach I envisioned with our Product Owner since he was the developer of the legacy application we are phasing out. Indeed, my design is good enough for a Proof of Concept (PoC).

So, in the end, I could convince the tech lead that we're on the right track.

But. The consequence is that I'm checking out at 21:23h. What a shitty day.

However, I know that this mess is my fault, this should have been finished last week.

Any way, shit happens.