L001: Cleaning and Japanese furniture.

Tags: #Daily #Log

In the end, office work didn't happen. The level of sadness was too high and the anger too low. Not quite right to have a Sunday's coding session.

However, cleaning did happen. We had some Mexican friends over for (Mexican-style) lunch yesterday. Since my wife did the cooking, I got the cleaning. I usually do it the same day before going to bed, but last night I was so exhausted to even try. Moreover, this cold is, suddenly, staying longer than expected.

Despite, I did a (much needed) deep cleaning of the stove and all the worktop area.

Other than that, some reading of physical books happened as well. Days like today, I prefer to do physical activities and deal with physical objects, away from screens, not sure why.

Also, my wife is considering getting a new kitchen cabinet. The object is a genuine piece of Japanese art. I love it. But. But. We don't really have the space for a new cabinet in the kitchen.

This place has enough furniture already. Confessedly, I have a strong preference (need?) for empty spaces. When a place has air, an excess of emptiness, when it contains as few objects as possible, I love it. I feel good being there because my mind rests, naturally. Conversely, many things, clutter, and my mind gets (even more) easily overwhelmed.

That's me. Few things, few places, few friends. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations about emptiness in my life.

Any way. As usual, it's a compromise. She has been talking about these Japanese cabinets for quite a while. She will get one of these, eventually, no matter what I think about it.

Now, I need to talk with my brother, then my mother, then head to bed early because tomorrow many things need to get done. The day must start earlier than usual.