In a previous post, I explained the use of this variable called heartbeat.

Heartbeats are found in other places, beyond embedded computers.

In blogs, for instance.

I follow a bunch of writers with a varying degree of enthusiasm obsession. A subset of those writers post regularly in their blog.

Their blog posts are, for me, like these heartbeat messages being broadcasted through the network. It is not unicasting, that would be more like an email, a message directed to me. It is in the open, a message to/for everyone.

Despite being a message beamed in all directions, not everyone listens. But I do. Thus, each post contains a heartbeat, I'm alive!. And I'm relieved.

When I write a post, it is the same. Besides the explicit message in such a text piece, I'm telling you, implicitly: I'm alive!. Of course, not everyone cares about me or my life, and I don't need a lot of people to care either. If a few—or even only one—tune in, it is more than enough for me.

All that to say, thanks for reading, thanks for writing; and let's celebrate that we're alive!.

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