Great GIT commit messages

Tags: #Software #Writing

Commit messages are important. They provide a good understanding of the past, of the project's history.

I do my best to craft good commit messages*, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

So, when I come across commit messages like this:

Respect! I respect and look up to this muthafucka.

Damn, it's a blessing to be surrounded by smart colleagues. Working in a challenging environment is quite effective to up your game. This is better than getting a degree from an Ivy League university—and way cheaper.

* The way software engineers write commit messages says a lot about the quality of the code they write. The author of the message showed above is, indeed, a pretty capable software engineer. Each time I have an issue/question related to the device's OS or the build system, I contact him, knowing he's going to provide solutions not excuses.

By the way, I did notice the small error in the commit message. Fair enough. Even the most experienced engineers make silly mistakes here and there in code as well. That's why we have code reviews as part of the software development cycle, which consist of having a peer reviewing and maybe testing your code. This is similar to peer reviews in academia, or proofreading + copy editing in professional writing. But, yeah, we don't always have someone else reviewing the commit messages, let's not overdo.