D012: Two important skills

  1. How to breathe properly.
  2. Follow a schedule.

If we are alive, our breathing is good enough. However, there is a huge difference between being good enough and mastering something.

Breathing mindfully is something is not as easy as it sounds. But it is a useful skill.

Learning how to follow our breath improves our physical and mental health. As soon as you start taking this practice seriously, you quickly realize you can spend your whole life mastering it.

If you manage to go back to your breathe over and over. Eventually, dealing with difficult life situations is easier. Your mind stops dwelling too much in the past or in the future.

Counterintuitively, following rituals and a strict schedule every day is astonishingly liberating. It helps to deal with overwhelm and anxiety, but requires discipline.

Maybe the most important part of our daily schedule is the wake-up and sleeping times, and what we do the first and last hour of every day.

If you combine these two skills—breathe properly and follow a daily schedule—your life changes completely.