Táctica y Estrategia — Mario Benedetti

Tactic and strategy (English translation of 'Táctica y estrategia' by Mario Benedetti)

My tactic is to look at you to learn how you are to love you as you are

My tactic is to talk to you and listen to you and construct with words an indestructible bridge

My tactic is to remain in your memory I don't know how nor on what pretext but to remain in you

My tactic is to be honest and to know that you are honest and that we don't sell each other fakes so between the two of us there’s neither a curtain nor an abyss

My strategy is by contrast more profound and more simple

My strategy is that one fine day I don't know how nor on what pretext you'll finally need me.

Translation by Paul Archer*

Perhaps one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.

These words are also instructions. They work once you find someone who wants to build bridges instead of burn them down constantly.

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