Surprising finding of the day

A netizen shared a finding that genuinely surprised me. Supposedly, all Apple Mac computers from 2014 onwards hide the Satoshi's Bitcoin whitepaper.

I use a MacBook at work. At least on that device (circa 2020), this is correct.

So, if you want to try, open a terminal on your Mac and type the following command:

open /System/Library/Image\ Capture/Devices/

Please notice there is a whitespace between Image\ and Capture (annoying, I know).

Due to recent events, there is so much noise about cryptocurrencies these days. For open-minded folks who are genuinely interested in the topic, I would recommend going back to the original sources and try to understand it from first principles. Although this is a technical document, at least the goal of the Bitcoin project is clearly stated in the first page, no convoluted technical jargon is used.

Undeniably, most cryptocurrencies are scams and Ponzi schemes. But there is some value in the space if you want to put the effort to understand the technology, the current state of the projects and, of course, their associated risks. Oversimplified arguments and gross generalizations easily lead to the wrong conclusions.

A discussion about electronic cash can't be complete with a common understanding of what money actually is. And for that, I will keep referencing Lyn Alden's superb article. This long article (or short book) is definitely worth its weight in salt.