Romantic affinity

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The kind of music I like is loaded with feelings. I have no idea about the canonical taxonomy in music. For me, there are only two categories, either the musician feel the world or think the world. I prefer the former, simply because I am the same (or I believe I am, not completely sure).

Please, don't get me wrong. That does not mean I don't enjoy (what I call) cerebral music. There is some beauty in the display of pure skill. The symmetry, the perfect execution, it is definitely beautiful, but not breathtaking beautiful.

Music is a great tool of self discovery.

First, you need to pay attention what kind of music you like. Then, try to understand why you like it.

Romantic affinity is something valuable you can learn from understanding your music tastes.

We are all musicians, even if you don't play any instrument, or consider music particularly relevant in your life. It is important that you know what kind of music you like and which instrument you play (again, metaphorically speaking, if you want).

It is crucial that you and your lover prefer the same type of music, at least.

In a formal romantic relationship, you are, at the same time, a musician and an instrument. Be sure that your partner knows which instrument you are, and that she is one you can play. Everything else is secondary.

If you are a great guitarist, there is no much you can do with a piano, no matter how beautiful that instrument is.