On the schedule's sharpness

I'm working on sharpening my daily schedule.

This morning I hit the gym at 06:39h. (it opens 06:30h.), then sat down in front of the computer to work at 08:24h., went out for a walk at 12:43h., end my working day at 5:44h

All that is okay.

But okay is not enough any more.

Better. Gym at 06:30h., sharp; start working at 08:00h., sharp; going for a lunch walk at 12:30h., sharp ... you get the idea.

This seemly trivial change is important. Not being sharp with time creates a creeping and undesirable mental effect. It opens a possibility for slacking or even skipping.

No. No, no, no. It does not matter how shit I feel in the morning, I'm in the gym, 6:30h, sharp.

Feelings are neither avoided nor suppressed, no. I might feel sad while working out. Feelings are free to come and go as they please. But life keeps moving at its own pace, and I'm not falling behind and drown in some disgusting self-pity.

I trust that, by sharpening my schedule, other aspects of my life will get back on track as a consequence.

#Life #Daily