Life so far without YouTube App

The app is still uninstalled on my phone, but the habit is very strong still.

From time to time, I catch myself reaching my pocket to access YouTube using Firefox. The experience is not as smooth as with the app. The interface is clunky and my account is not configured—i.e. no curated feeds—which create some friction. And friction is great in this case because it is easier to give up and recall there was a reason for uninstalling the app in the first place.

“YouTube is a great learning platform” is what I tell myself to keep going back. If I want to be truthful to that, I have to change my usage approach.

First, pen and paper. Yep, I need to take notes as part of the learning process. This also helps me to keep focused.

Second, a learning/research goal. What I'm looking for? I have to answer that question before opening YouTube.

I'm old enough to have visited libraries as a kid during my basic education. In my hometown, at least up to secondary school, libraries didn't have computers, only physical books. I went there and either asked the librarian for a book or found my way through the manual archiving system. The whole process was quite inefficient and inconvenient for today's standards.

So, from now on, YouTube on my desktop computer with pen and paper and (at least) a question I want to answer.

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