D024: Consistency over anything else

The format of these daily post is quite useful for me. I have no requirements other than publishing something every day. It might be as short as a single paragraph or even a sentence. Sometimes I start typing and end up with many unplanned words.

I write slowly. Long format is quite challenging for me due to my tendency to ramble.

I'm a typo typing machine too. You would be surprised how many typos I can write even in a single sentence—and how shitty the draft post looks like.

Should I mention English is my second language, or it is obvious?

Yet, I push my self to write consistently, as imperfect as my writing might be.

“Consistency over anything else” might be one motto I want to live by from now on.

What is “anything else”? A bunch of personal things. Perfection, and intensity are the first two words that come to mind.

Consistently do in what I decide to do, and stop wasting resources on everything else. That's it. I stopped overwhelming myself by obsessively tracking my productivity long time ago, the most efficient way of working is to keep things simple and remain focused.

Furthermore, as I get older, I start to realize how crucial it is to take a daily dose of vitamin N to develop some self-discipline. This is relevant because discipline is a prerequisite for consistency.

Any degree of skill comes from effort sustained over an extended period of time. Unless you're a genius—which is rather unlikely, pure statistics—nothing valuable comes from irregular bursts of activity.