D018: Form over count

There is a mirror in my bedroom. It is one of those vertical mirrors used to check how you look, from top to bottom.

These days, I'm working on integrating a short stretching/mild workout session into my morning routine; it is the first I do every morning after going to the restroom.

Until recently, I have been focusing on counting reps: that many push-ups, that many squats, etc., divided in several rounds. So far, so good.

But since the mirror is there, in front of me, all the time, it brought some interesting awareness to how I move.

Unintentionally, I started to pay more and more attention to the form. Rather than trying to push for more reps, I strive for improving my form.

This morning, I stopped counting whatsoever. I did as many reps per cycle as I could while maintaining a decent form. If I can't maintain the form, I stop. Still, I did the same amount of reps as before, even a few more, I think.

And it felt great.

This method is more in tune with my general approach to life. A meaningful life is not about maximizing a number, no matter what such number represents. For me, fulfilment comes from perfecting the form, no matter the activity.

And I know perfection is impossible, I will die without reaching perfection in anything. But learning to enjoy the daily struggle of attempting it is extremely satisfying.

#Daily #Life