D010: Old man's advice

A friend once told me: “You should respectfully listen to your father's advice, then go out and live your life however you want”, or something along those lines. That happened 10 years ago.

At the time, I disagreed with many most of my father's world-views. It was is difficult to listen to him. And yet, I do it, with great respect.

But also, I always take my own decisions. I have done what I pleased with my life. I've made mistakes, but have no huge regrets.

Something I appreciate about my father is that he always respected my decisions and supported me as much as he could, even when he didn't fully agree with me. No matter how complicated our relationship is, it is based in mutual respect and love.

Ten years later, my father's and friend's words make more sense. They were right in many things they said, I see it now. I had to make my own mistakes, to feel the pain, to learn the hard way. Why? Because I'm stubborn.

Still, I have no regrets, only gratitude for the people in my life and their generosity with words.