A long walk and a Romanian stranger

I went for a long walk to the city centre just now. Today, is the day before King's day in the Netherlands.

The original plan was to walk to deposit the glass bottles in the container, a few blocks from home. But, since I was already outside, I decided to keep walking, that's how I reached downtown.

I found a bistro with an intriguing ambiance very close to the church, I will go there to drink coffee some Saturday morning, maybe the next one.

Anyway. Many people on the street, partying, drinking, having fun. I walked among them. Then sit on a bench for a few minutes and, after I had enough, walked back home.

One block from home, a stranger approached me.

S: “Do you speak English?”. I: “Yes, I do”. S: “Do you know if there is a night shop open in the area? I'm lost, and I want to buy Internet for my phone”.

I really don't know the area very well, but I looked it up on my phone and, there was a 24-hour gas station close by (10 minutes walk). So, using my phone as a hotspot, he charged the route in his phone

This guy had an Eastern European accent.

“What's your name?”, “Stephan”, he replied. “Where are you from?”, “I'm from Romania”.

Then he kept complaining about his Bulgarian roomies who stole the router back at home.

Then, he asked me if I smoke weed or if I wanted a beer (both options readily available on his backpack). I declined on the offer.

For a moment, I thought of giving him a ride to the gas station, or even buying mobile credit for him.

But I didn't do it. And I regret it.

These days I feel more suspicious of strangers than usual. Something I need to change.

#Life #Serendipity